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This place is my new go to restaurant for takeout. I have ordered about five times and the food was perfect every time. I decided to go with my family all six of us including my mother-in-law and the place is very nice pleasing to the eye and the service was outstanding. Beck and ALBECK Were excellent servers. I had family over for Easter dinner and ordered falafel baba ghanouj and hummus. Everyone raved about it.

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My family and I always order from Sah**s . This weekend we decided to try Istanbul. The food is so much better here! The falafel's were huge! The Hummus was not runny and very tasty. The meats did not taste dry and all the food was fresh . Nothing didn't taste like it was sitting around all day. We had Chicken Adana, regular Adana, gyro,rice, salad, and Baklava and Kinds (not overly sweety, just right). Looking forward to ordering from here now.


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Food is good, I've never been disappointed with any of the items ordered. This has been my go to for kebabs, doner, and other things. Portions are decent for the price.

Deliveries are quick and the drivers are always friendly. I live about a mile away and my food arrives fairly quickly. YMMV though.


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The food is and always has been VERY good and their portions were generous. To be fair, I live quite a distance from them and they are good enough to deliver. I must remember to call at least 2 hrs before to adjust for the time and distance.


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Food was fresh, delicious, good sized portions. The shish kebab and gyro were yummy, but their rice and bread are simply amazing :). Do not forget to grab a hummus for the bread.

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The food is fantastic from this restaurant. My favorite part of my meal is the toasted Turkish
Bread. However, I didnt receive toasted bread with my recent order. And that wasnt the first time
To be fair when I order my meals I would say 90% of the time the bread is toasted. For a $18 Chicken Chops meal I would like my bread toasted 100% of the time. Overall the food is great! I still give them 5 stars.


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The food was delicious. The french fries were crispy!!! Something I've never seen in deliveries... usually the French fries are saggy. The food delivery was very fast. Most places take over an hour, Istanbul was really fast. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!


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We order from here regularly and food is always great and delivery is never late. But today they topped themselves: our lunch got to us half hour earlier than estimated. The workers are always super friendly.


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Very quick & courteous service. Very good food. Good spice. They're not afraid with the heat or seasoning, which I love. And they're open late. I'm definitely calling back!


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I was very specific with the temperature. I told them I want the rice and the meats very hot. They were delivered perfectly. I think it is important to give specific requirements

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